What is wrong with my daughter...

Thursday, December 15, 2011 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

It started in May 2011, my once healthy 17 year old daughter who weighed in at 135lbs at about 5'8" loved all activities outdoors, hanging out with her friends, geocaching with the family barely had enough energy to go to school and has started losing weight.

I just knew something what wrong... my instincts are seldom wrong.. after many ER visits and well as Doctors visiting with all testing coming back fine.. nothing it wrong I just knew it was wrong. She had sores in her mouth, stomach was always sore and many more health concerns way to many to list.

It wasn't until we started to keep a food diary that we were seeing a connection between what she ate and how she was feeling. She loved breads and pasta and every time she had some she felt ill could barely eat, suffered in pain but kept eating because she was hungry and the weight kept coming off her. I was terrified as I watched her waste away to almost nothing. I was worried I was going to lose her.

So after making the connection between the food she was eating and how she felt WE not a doctor but WE took gluten out of her diet. We could see immediate results with her. She felts good... she was awake more... her colour was returning.. she was still skinny but we were seeing improvements. Our daughter started to do some research of her own and we need to get her tested for Celiac but since she has every symptom on the list we are pretty sure that this is what she has. How did all the doctors miss this. How did they not figure out what was wrong my with daughter. I mean we seen three different doctors and none of them could figure it out. WHY? Why did the not take the time to listen to us and our concerns as our daughter wasted away down to nothing. She is just over 100lbs right now and I am still fearful for her well being but we are on the right track health wise for her I just know it. I guess I am looking for some results quicker than they are coming.

So now I am off to do some searching for some recipes so that my daughter can still enjoy the things she loves to enjoy and have them taste good too.

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