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I have very fond memories of waking up every morning to some Kellogg's Rice Krispies. I just love how they sounded when I put milk in my bowl all the snapping, crackling and popping. I would make up songs to go along with the sound of my Kellogg's Rice Krispies.

I was invited along with other bloggers to join Kellogg's Network in Canada. Each month we will receive some Kellogg's goodness to share with our readers that being you! I was so excited to join the Kellogg's Network because we have been purchasing Kellogg's cereal in this house since the beginning of time. It has always been a staple in our house.

Opening the box from Kellogg's
This afternoon my boxed of Kellogg's goodness arrived at my door. It contained 4 boxes of cereal including my daughters favourite cereal, Kellogg's Mini Wheats (along with Frosted Flakes, Special K Oats & Honey and Corn Flakes)  which she can not wait to dig into and eat our of her new Kellogg's Corn Flakes bowl. As well as Nutri-Grain Bars in NEW flavours Strawberry/Acai and Cherry/Pomegranate. I was very surprised to find a Fruit Loops t-shirt along with 2 Kellogg's corn flake bowls.

Kellogg's Network Box
Three neat facts about Kellogg's:

  • Eggo Waffles recently celebrated their 75th Birthday!
  • In 1969 Kellogg's was honoured to provide breakfast for Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins during their groundbreaking Apollo 11 voyage to the moon. 
  • Tony the Tiger was born in 1951, but we don't think he looks a day over 40.
Opened the box that evening for bedtime snack! 

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What is your favourite Kellogg's cereal? Please comment below.

Disclosure: This post was written in participation with the Canada Kellogger's Network. No post was required. I was provided products without charge. All opinions are honest and those of It's just my life... 

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