The Grace Effect by Larry Alex Taunton

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I received a copy of THE GRACE EFFECT: HOW THE POWER OF ONE LIFE CAN REVERSE THE CORRUPTION OF UNBELIEF by Larry Alex Taunton from Thomas Nelson, via BookSneeze. As soon as I looked over the back cover, I was excited to start reading. The author, Larry Taunton, meets Sasha, an Ukrainian orphan. Atheistic theorists had shaped her, but with his guidance, she embraces God through the power of grace.

The Taunton’s endured many delays, mostly due to corruption, in their efforts to adopt Sasha. Naturally, they wanted to bring Sasha, whom they had chosen to join their family, home as quickly as possible. They wanted to give her love, safety, identity, education, and so much more that she wasn’t receiving in Orphange 17 (which is reputed to be one of the worst in Ukraine). At Orphanage 17, the children lived (and continue to live) like animals in a concrete prison. In fact, Sasha, who had always lived in an orphanage had no comprehension of what constitutes a “family.” Parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins – these are all concepts with which Sasha simply has no frame of reference.

As an entertaining and insightful read, I highly recommend this book if you are interested in seeing how much God’s grace helped affect a person who lived in an godless environment. It’s powerful, riveting, and inspiring.

I did have a hard time finishing this book as it seemed very long for such a short book. Truth be told I really didn't dedicate a lot of time to finishing it in one sitting as I do most books. The beginning was hard to get into but as the I went along the book captured me and I really enjoyed the read.

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