DIY Foaming Hand Soap...

Wednesday, February 01, 2012 AnnMarie Brown 2 Comments

Good morning... this morning I noticed I was out of foaming hand soap. My kids love the foaming hand soap and with no intention of purchasing some because the prices of it can be crazy.... I got out my liquid hand soap that I make... see my recipe here along with some warm water and my empty foaming hand soap container and mixed up a bath of foaming hand soap.

3 tablespoons Liquid Hand Soap
2/3 cup warm water

- add 3 tablespoons of liquid hand soap to the 2/3 cup of warm water... stir to dissolve and pour into pump container. That is it... it is take easy! Go ahead make some!

You could save a step and mix it right in your foaming soap container. Just make sure the water is not to hot!

See it foams!!!!

Cost analysis:

0.44 - 2L of liquid hand soap

I used:
Since there is 16 tablespoons in one cup and 8 cups in two litres that makes 128 tablespoons of liquid hand soap for $0.44. Which works out to a penny for one refill of foaming hand soap. Yes you heard me right a penny for a few minutes of your time. And I mean maybe 2 minutes tops.