StoryBranding creating standout brands through the power of story

Tuesday, February 28, 2012 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

When I was first given the opportunity of reading this book and doing a review... I thought about it a while before I actually said yes. Why you might ask, well how often do you jump out of your seat to read a book about marketing. Let alone branding. To my surprise this well written book by Jim Signorelli was a breathe of fresh air.

StoryBranding breaks down the elements of story and relates them in way that will give you a thorough understanding of how to use them in your business or personal branding efforts. By the time you finish the book you'll have an understanding of how to use story to make a genuine connection with your customers that will go beyond any of the tricks of your competitors.

Key Topics that I found helpful in this book are:
  • At the end of each chapter has bullet points of important key points for review; quick reference.
  • "StoryBranding is based on a premise that brands should strive for authenticity,"quoted from book StoryBranding.
  • How to find out your authentic voice; branding style / fit; build a brand that connects with your customers
  • Simple ways of marketing to today's customers by telling the story of the product/brand
  • References; suggested reading at the end of the book
I found the book informative, funny and very well written and a great read for anyone in advertising and marketing. This book is a powerful tool for anyone trying to sell something and it doesn't take a marketing degree to read it. 

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