D Day is coming!?!?!?!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012 AnnMarie Brown 10 Comments

photo via freedigitalphotos.net

Many days my emotions go from excited to scared. It is more like a minute by minute thing. The thoughts of selling our home we built this house and have lived here for 15 years this July is something just to much to bare. The thought of leaving a small city that I know so well and have some amazing friends in not to mention our church family and relatives that are all close by, just is overwhelming.

With doors closing in this area time and time again it is time they we listen and move forward with our lives no matter how much we want to just stay put here where everything is familiar. New is exciting I will admit that but it is also very scary. The unknown gets to me sometimes. We are now part of an amazing community of homeschoolers that even in a short while we have grown to really care for them all.

So as D Day approached and D stands for Decision, as it approaches there is not much of a decision to be made. We have to go where my husband can find gainful employment. Three and a half years is way to long without a full time job. Not many people could last that long and trust me sometimes I wonder how we have lasted this long. Last year was the worst yet. I was disappointed to find out that ones that you thought would be there for you just turned a blind eye to the situation even though we just kept giving of ourselves. Don't get me wrong we didn't give of ourselves to get back.. if you truly know us you know that is not even part of the equation.

So as we fix up our house... to get it ready to put on the market it is with mixed emotions that we are selling this house. I love this house but it is just that a house and we can make a HOME any where we are together. So that is my life at the moment in a nutshell & I will share my journey via my blog along the way. Of course I would not leave all my readers out of the mix.