Happy 18th Birthday to my girlie!!

Friday, March 23, 2012 AnnMarie Brown 11 Comments

It is on this day that I celebrate the birth of my now 18 year old. I am not sure how that happened or where  the years went. We are now on the verge of making choices for university and deciding your future. Not that I have much to say in the decision but I will stand by what decision you do make. The world is your future. Dream big!!!

age 10
She is an awesome big sister who loves her little sister even though her little sister can push the limits from time to time.

age 13
This picture was taken in her last year of elementary school before the venture into highschool began.  She is a great student who always tries her best at everything. Makes her momma proud with the 110% effort she gives everything.

Huge Harry Potter Fan
I remember this picture like it was yesterday... we were at the store at midnight for the release of this book. There was a long line of people but I had promised you that I would take you to get the next book in the series. You were so excited to finally have the book in your hands. I don't think you slept that night you went home and started reading the book even though we didn't get home until 1am. The important thing was you had the book you wanted to badly.

age 15

I look back at these pictures fondly ... I see such a healthy girl... a girl who could eat anything she wanted and not get sick. She truly has had a rough few years with her health and sickness. We have a diagnosis now she has Celiac Disease. She still suffers with the symptoms from time to time and we read labels every day so we don't make anything that she will get sick on. Her health is number one priority even as she decides what university to go to. Keeping her healthy is the number one goal.

I am so sorry for everything you have had to go through with your health. It seems it is always you. From blood transfusions to auto immune problems to now Celiac Disease. You are a fighter and you keep going and I am so proud to be your momma! You never give up on anything and you always give it your all. I couldn't ask for more. But today it is time to celebrate. You are the big 18!!!!!

Happy Birthday Alyssa!!!!!!

Luv ya lots!!!!


  1. Happy birthday, Alyssa!

    Alyssa sounds like an amazing young lady who has a bright future. I've found that people who have faced some health issues, and a different perspective and get the big picture.

    Enjoy the day!

  2. Biggest happy Birthday wishes to Alyssa!!

  3. Happy Birthday Alyssa, how awesome that you're a fighter and persevere!! Our world needs strong women like you are becoming, to help others see the joy

  4. Happy Birthday!!! They grow up so fast!

  5. Happy birthday to your daughter!

  6. Happy birthday to your birthday daughter! She sounds like an amazing person.

  7. Happy Birthday Alyssa! The years go by so fast!

  8. Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl. Every day we get is a blessing. :) Happy Birthday Alyssa!

  9. Annie: these are great pictures. The one of alyssa with her new sister is priceless. Your girls Are both beautiful and strong. Not unlike their mom. Hugs and happy birthday to your eldest daughter. I get this totally. My mom often said to me if I could take the Crohn's disease away and have it myself I would. It is being a mom. We would do anything for them- at least if you are doing motherhood right.

    Hugs to all of you !