Pinterest ideas I want to try for Easter...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012 AnnMarie Brown 7 Comments

I know I am not the only one that loves Pinterest. I have been searching on pinterest for craft ideas to do with the kids this Easter. Here are some of the ideas I have come up with:

Lollipop bunnies

Lace Bunnies and Chicks

Thought this would be a cute gift idea for the kids.

Another cute gift idea

If you are looking for other craft ideas and gift ideas for Easter come on 


  1. I'm humiliated to admit it as a man but I turned to Pinterest the other night while trying to find ideas for my son's MarioKart birthday party. Found some cool things and even started creating already. Please don't broadcast that I was on Pinterest....LOL!

  2. OMG I love those sucker bunnies! SO cute!!!

  3. I love the bunnytails - I have to admit I have never checked out pinterest...might be something to do soon while I start planning my kids birthdays

  4. I love how simple these ideas are. Thanks for some inspiration! Kids would love these.

  5. @Canadian Dad

    Well you best be following us then.. and I will follow you.. seriously it is an amazing resource for party planning... don't be embarrassed I think you went to the right place. :)

  6. OMG, I love these! We are so into crafting and this will be fun to do.