Special Delivery from Santa in March...

Monday, March 26, 2012 AnnMarie Brown 11 Comments

so late last night I found a gold bag at my front door with a letter that said:

Dear Miss Mew,
It was so nice this week that I had the elves out cleaning and polishing the sleigh!

Under the seat with some Tim Horton's cups and McDonald's bags the boys made a discovery!!

There tucked under the seat was a couple gifts that must have fallen out of the bag and rolled  under the seat. I am so sorry to tell they were your Christmas presents.

I hurriedly gathered the reindeer and flew right to your house to deliver them! I am so sorry you thought I forgot you.

With all my love,
Santa Claus

So when my little one woke up this morning she found a surprise...

Surprised little girl!

Hugging her gift from Santa

A very happy little girl!

Needless to say I have a very happy little girl... who was more than excited and in her words she said, "Mom, I am so thankful for these gifts." So "Santa" you made a little girls day.. and I am sure it is a day she will never forget. 

Much love to you "Santa"

When Christmas came in 2011 I had a little girl who truly thought Santa forgot about her. It broke our hearts as parents. It truly did. Well it looks like Santa's helpers were busy at work and found some missed gifts for my precious girlie! I am beyond blessed to know you all.