Stretching your dollar... on Vehicles and Gas

Monday, March 05, 2012 AnnMarie Brown 19 Comments

With the rising prices of gas and our dollar not going any farther we could all use some tips on stretching our dollar at the pumps and with our vehicles.

Michelle Meiklejohn via 
  • run errands once a week, using the most efficient route possible
  • carpool
  • walk as often as possible
  • don't stop suddenly or accelerate quickly
  • use public transportation
  • try to only use 1 vehicle if you have 2
  • drive your car until it is old
  • limit city driving
  • fill up your tank when it is half empty
  • shop around for insurance rate.. you can save a bundle
  • use when filling up it helps find the cheapest gas
    • I use the gasbuddy app on my smartphone
  • keep your tires inflated properly to get better gas mileage
  • change your own oil
  • perform regular preventive maintenance
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