Stretching your dollar... on Vehicles and Gas

Monday, March 05, 2012 AnnMarie Brown 19 Comments

With the rising prices of gas and our dollar not going any farther we could all use some tips on stretching our dollar at the pumps and with our vehicles.

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  • run errands once a week, using the most efficient route possible
  • carpool
  • walk as often as possible
  • don't stop suddenly or accelerate quickly
  • use public transportation
  • try to only use 1 vehicle if you have 2
  • drive your car until it is old
  • limit city driving
  • fill up your tank when it is half empty
  • shop around for insurance rate.. you can save a bundle
  • use when filling up it helps find the cheapest gas
    • I use the gasbuddy app on my smartphone
  • keep your tires inflated properly to get better gas mileage
  • change your own oil
  • perform regular preventive maintenance
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  1. I hate how much they price of fuel has gone up. I'm so glad we only have one vehicle!

  2. Great tips! I'm going to download the gasbuddy app right now. When we moved to the city we got rid of our second car. Now we walk most everywhere including work and to and from my daughter's school. With the nicer weather we'll be able to walk even more.

  3. Does filling your tank at half give you better gas mileage? I am totally downloading that app. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Living in a commuter town it amazes me how quickly the rates have risen.

  5. Every time I see how much gas prices keep rising, I get sick to my stomach. Sure, I can do a lot of walking and biking here in the countryside, but we live miles and miles away (okay, kilometers!) from grocery stores and everything else and driving is the only way I could get there :(

    Thanks for sharing this post! So useful!

  6. It's really CRAZY! We have share one truck, and thats a HUGE savings! But when it's $150 to fill, it's a lot! But with a family of 6 we R limited on R choices in rides! Great tips! @inRdream

  7. Great tips! It's amazing how just keeping your tires inflated right really does help.

  8. We always check around to find the best price for gas. Why do you mention to fill up when you are half full/empty? Just wondering.

  9. Dread the rise in gas prices. We travel to Quebec in the summer and we need every cent we can for the 20 hour trip. Curious, why fill up at half full?

  10. @~ The Country Mouse ~

    when the temperature changes like here in south western ontario and your tank is low there is a great change of condensation developing in your tank which then adds water to the gas in there causing a diluted fuel which is not good for your vehicle and lowers your mileage.

    If you run your fuel down really low the sludge in the bottom of your tank goes into the fuel filter and clogs it .. also reducing your mileage.

    So it is more efficient for your vehicle to do this is all.

    saves $$ in the long run.

  11. This part here "don't stop suddenly or accelerate quickly" doesn't apply to men, especially if there is another car next to you at the stop light!
    Thanks for the rest of the tips though!!

  12. These are great tips, I find that if you invest and fill your tank ALL the way up and then fill it back up when it hits half is a great way to keep your car in good order. Like you've mentioned, it works! Your car shouldn't hit E and you should never have less than a 1/4 in your car. The risks of that would be blowing your fuel pump and that's a 300-400 job. The less it gets gunky from being empty the better it will run. Also, changing your spark plugs when you are supposed to does wonders.


    I'm a car geek.

  13. Personally... I don't think that driving your car until it is old isn't always the best advice. Until 6 months ago I was driving a 1998 Jeep Cherokee. Sure -- No payments. The fuel economy however was terrible (around 12MPG), I was regularly spending $500 at the garage (at least $1500 a year).

    I replaced it with a 2011 Ford Fusion and I now get triple the gas mileage. My gas bill went from around $300/mo to $100/mo - maintenance is minimal. With the money we saved on unexpected repairs, and gasoline we were able to pay it off completely in a matter of a few months.

    It is also safer and more reliable.

  14. @oddduck
    there is definitely a difference between driving an older vehicle and driving a vehicle that is costing you so much money to run.

  15. I walk everywhere I can.I also ck my tire pressure too,it helps!

  16. Those are great ideas, allot we are doing, but we could be doing more.

  17. I don't change my own oil. But I do keep all my errands to one trip.

  18. I try to follow most of your tips. Now, if only my hubby would as well...