Easter Weekend catch up

Monday, April 09, 2012 AnnMarie Brown 9 Comments

I decided to take some time for my family this weekend. We did a local egg hunt and spent a lot of time together that was much needed. So first thing on Saturday morning we got ready to head into London for Egg Hunt in the City at Citi Plaza.

My husband and daughter waiting at a station to get her passport stamped. She loved going from station to station all through Citi Plaza. They had some of the team members from the London Majors stamping the kids passports. 

We were given free samples of juice at the Booster Juice station. The juice was really good. I have to say that I haven't really walked through the Citi Plaza in a lot of years. It was nice to walk through the mall to see what stores were there now. As we walked through we made plans on what stores to go back to.

My passport is all full... time to go redeem it for a goodie bag. As we walked to area to redeem it for a goodie bag my daughter spotted the BX93 Toyota Van and said "Mom take a picture." So of course with my camera in hand I had to take a picture all because Taylor Swift and Brad Paisley were on the side of the van.

The bunny did come out but we were unable to get a picture because that part wasn't really organized. They really should have a spot set up for the bunny to come so the kids could go up one at a time.. but when the bunny came out it was like a madhouse. That is my only advice for next year oh an another thing each station should have had some easter candy or some sort for the little ones. Although my husband loved the free coffee.

All in all we had a great time at Easter Egg Hunt in the City... not sure why they called it Egg Hunt there was no Eggs to hunt for. My daughter had a great time and that is what it is all about.