I was hacked!!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012 AnnMarie Brown 11 Comments

Not a fun situation... but here is the story...

I have a few email accounts... I had two separate facebook accounts as one I used solely for my couponing life... okay I am some what a coupon junkie. Anyway... I liked to keep it separate from my every day life. So as not to have so much spam in my regular email and account. When I set up my facebook fanpage I set it under this account and not my main one...my error totally when setting it up. Come late Sunday/Monday of this week. My email to this account was hacked and so was my facebook account. Passwords were changed and worse yet my email account was deleted so I can't get control of my other facebook account. Partly because I am not supposed have two facebook accounts but I am not alone on this one many people have more than one account.

So basically I have lost my blogs facebook fanpage with over 2,000 likes. I have reported my page so right now you can't see it at all. I am hoping they take it down and my profile associated with the account also. I can't get control of it because I have no access to the email account associated with it. It has been a frustrating few days. I am so thankfully that this email was not connected to my blog or twitter account or main facebook page because that would have been even more of a nightmare.

In the long run change your passwords often. I have changed all of mine to something very difficult now. Don't use easy passwords. It just isn't worth your stuff being hacked into. It feels like such a violation it is not funny. 

On that note... can you pretty please go and like my NEW facebook fan page for my blog. 

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Hope your day is a good one!!!