I was hacked!!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012 AnnMarie Brown 11 Comments

Not a fun situation... but here is the story...

I have a few email accounts... I had two separate facebook accounts as one I used solely for my couponing life... okay I am some what a coupon junkie. Anyway... I liked to keep it separate from my every day life. So as not to have so much spam in my regular email and account. When I set up my facebook fanpage I set it under this account and not my main one...my error totally when setting it up. Come late Sunday/Monday of this week. My email to this account was hacked and so was my facebook account. Passwords were changed and worse yet my email account was deleted so I can't get control of my other facebook account. Partly because I am not supposed have two facebook accounts but I am not alone on this one many people have more than one account.

So basically I have lost my blogs facebook fanpage with over 2,000 likes. I have reported my page so right now you can't see it at all. I am hoping they take it down and my profile associated with the account also. I can't get control of it because I have no access to the email account associated with it. It has been a frustrating few days. I am so thankfully that this email was not connected to my blog or twitter account or main facebook page because that would have been even more of a nightmare.

In the long run change your passwords often. I have changed all of mine to something very difficult now. Don't use easy passwords. It just isn't worth your stuff being hacked into. It feels like such a violation it is not funny. 

On that note... can you pretty please go and like my NEW facebook fan page for my blog. 

Please "LIKE" my fanpage on facebook: click to here

Hope your day is a good one!!!


  1. oh - and that sucks big time. Technology is awesome- but can be very frustrating too

  2. such a bummer, I have been trying to change my email attached to fb for days and it doesn't work. I hate how their is no email to reach fb with problems. unless you know of one, lol than please share!

  3. OH MAN! .... I liked U! @inRdream

  4. That really sucks; I liked your new page though. :)

  5. I liked as well. Darn bunch of arse's with too much time on their hands. Hey Ann Marie send me a message on facebook I might be able to help your fanpage grow a bit again.


  6. Drives me crazy that these trolls can cause such havoc with our hard work. It isn't right and it isn't nice:(

  7. I'm sorry to hear this happened to you! Frustrating!

    I've liked your new page, as well.

  8. @~ The Country Mouse ~

    That is the thing... my blog is a labour of love that took a lot of work... I know many people don't get that... and that frustrates me. I am trying to look at the positive with this... fresh start so to speak... but sometimes it is hard to see that positive side.

  9. Wow, sorry to hear this happened but thank you for sharing. I'm sending your story on, hopefully it'll help more people. I'm fairly new to FB and Twitter so feel good that your story helped at least one person today :)