Michael Teaches Time ~ Homeschool Post

Friday, April 27, 2012 AnnMarie Brown 5 Comments

I was just reading some blogs and came across a link that teaches time. I just feel in love with the game and I knew it would be a hit for my daughter and other children as well.

This game makes telling time fun and very interactive as you manoeuvre Michael through the game. My daughter had a lot of fun playing with Michael as well as telling time. I highly recommend this for learning to tell time. 

* Disclosure: I was given no promotional items for this review. Someone shared the link and we really enjoyed the game. The opinions are 100% my own. *


  1. hehe we have come along way from learning time using the round cardboard from a frozen pizza :)

  2. Thanks for sharing! I'll have to remember this for when my children are off age to learn the time.

  3. Very cool game!! My son loves telling time but he gets the numbers mixed up, this should help!!

  4. I would have love this for when I was teaching my daughter how to tell time! Thanks for sharing this! :)

  5. This looks like so much fun! Thanks for the review!