What my homeschooling daughter gets to do while other kids are in school...

Thursday, April 19, 2012 AnnMarie Brown 12 Comments


I get many questions about why I homeschool and what is the difference so I thought I would make a post of what we get to do in a typical week while others are in traditional school.

We get to go outside
~ any time of the day... we can go to the park where we run into other homeschoolers who are also taking advantage of the lovely day. We can go for a walk or a hike through the woods. 

We get to socialize
~ This is probably the question asked the most... and of course we get to socialize... we socialize with each other and with everyone in our community that we come across in our daily travels. We also get to socialize with other homeschoolers we might up with for trips and park visits. 

We get to learn domestic skills
~ we are always doing canning, gardening, sewing or just cooking our meals on a daily basis. My daughter loves being by my side as we create different dishes in the kitchen. 

We get to follow her interests
~ my daughter gets to learn what she is interested in when she wants to learn it. She was very interested in penguins so we dropped everything and headed to the library to get the books out needed to research penguins. To this day her knowledge of penguins is amazing. By the way this is just on example she does study other things as well but we base it on her interests. 

We get to give back to the community
~ we volunteer within our community to show our daughter it is important to give back to others no matter how much or little you have. The only way you can make a difference in this life is to give back. 

We get to travel
~ and I know everyone gets to travel but we can travel during off season times making traveling cheaper and not as busy when we get there. 

We get to avoid the crowds
~ I love this one because we don't have to rush to get things done on the weekend or in the evening we can go to the stores when the crowds are not there. We get to visit tourist attractions when they are not crowded. 

We get to follow our own style 
~ my daughter is sometimes in the mood for dance clothes so she wears them. Other days it is formal dress so she wears it. We even have days that are jammie days. The point is she has her own style and can wear what she wants when she wants. I try not to stifle her creativity. 

We get to take part in LIFE!
~ It happens every day all around us. My daughter takes part in my business and gets to learn what is needed to run my business. Organizing my schedule to fit everything in. Customer relations because I have to keep my clients happy. So basically instead of sitting in a classroom the WORLD is my daughters classroom. 

These are just a few things we get to do during our days but I am sure you get the idea.