Apartment hunting is STRESSFUL in Toronto!

Thursday, May 17, 2012 AnnMarie Brown 6 Comments

For those of you who do follow my blog you might remember me mentioning the fact that we are moving. I am in the hunt for a three bedroom apartment in Toronto. We could settle for a two bedroom depending on the size but would prefer a three bedroom.

I find some online they say they there is a vacancy for July 1, 2012 and I call and it is gone. Sounds like apartments get snapped up in Toronto very quickly and since we are not living in Toronto it makes it difficult for us to get down there see it and put money down on the apartment. So we are limited.

My husband would prefer to live in a building and he would prefer it to have a pool (indoor would be a huge bonus). We want it to be in a good area, we want to feel safe in our neighbourhood.  The school area really doesn't matter to us as homeschoolers. I will be travelling to the downtown area to meet with clients so something on the transit system would be a HUGE bonus for us.

Since the for sale sign is up on our current dwelling we need to move quickly on the apartment front. We would really like to be in Toronto for July 1, 2012 or at least have something rented so we can move in shortly after.

We are open to living as far North as North York,  to the East The Danforth area but not into Scarborough and as far west as Oakville. The downtown core area really isn't on our radar at all. Do any of you live in these areas? Can you give me some tips on apartment buildings to go to or even to stay away from?

So far I have been looking on Kijiji, Viewit, mls and renters... if you know of any other sites that might help me please leave a comment.

That is the update on our housing situation thus far. Hopefully we will have a place in Toronto by the end of this month so at least we will know where we are moving too.