A moving we will go...

Wednesday, May 30, 2012 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

The days are counting down ... we are moving in 31 days and we have no where to move yet. This weekend we are heading into Toronto to find an apartment to rent.

So you are all still on this adventure with me and my family as we purge and pack our way from small city Ontario to big city Canada.

We have a lot of things in place already and we are saying good bye to  some dear friends but we find ourselves more than ready to take on the big city. To get there and spend some time just getting used to our new environment. Experiencing the big city and connecting as a family. We have had so much going on in our lives for the last 3 plus years it is time to connect as a family before our middle daughter heads off to university. We are soon to become a family of 3 in a few short months... in a new city full of new adventures.

How are we going to adjust? What are we going to find? How are we going to make out in this new city? These are all questions I will answer as we move and find out what is in our new home.

Look out world... okay not world but look out Toronto... the BrownBunch is coming!

Stay tuned for next week... apartment reviews well of the ones we see anyway and which one we choose or chooses us as the case maybe.

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