THAT FRIDAY BLOG HOP - Co-hosting this week!!

Thursday, May 03, 2012 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

This week I am so excited to be co-hosting the That Friday Blog Hop with Let them eat cake...

I am so excited to be co-hosting this blog hop with Rebecca at:

Let Them Eat Cake

A bit about Rebecca:
 I am a 30-something mother & wife living in Florida. Earning my living as an artist. I have a passion for illustration, graphic design, & photography. This is the crazy insanity of my life & thoughts. Life isn't about how you survived the storm, it's about how you danced in the rain!


There are no rules. Rules are made to be broken anyway right? So what’s the point of posting any. Link up any and all your social networking.
So let another Friday come and hopefully get a bunch of blogs and other sites linked on here

That Friday Blog Hop
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