Drinkable Yogurt

Wednesday, June 13, 2012 AnnMarie Brown 10 Comments

I have an 8-year-old and she is totally addicted to drinkable yogurt. You know the kind I mean that is oh so expensive. She drinks one and wants the next right afterwards because the containers are so small. I decided to venture into making some of my own drinkable yogurt. My daughter prefers the vanilla drinkable yogurt over any other kind.

You are seriously going to kick yourself when you realize how inexpensive and easy it is to make. First of all, I make my own yogurt in the crockpot/slow cooker. I take equal amounts yogurt and milk and throw it into my bullet but you seriously can just mix it with a spoon. I just like to use my bullet... you know hear the power of it going on my counter.

Make your own Drinkable Yogurt

Today I used:
3/4 cup yogurt
3/4 cup milk
splash of a vanilla
Optional: I also add some bananas if I have some for flavouring or different fruits!

Made for a fraction of the cost!

Sometimes I add a bit of vanilla since my daughter loves vanilla drinkable but I have been known to use different fruits to flavour it as well. My friend uses Strawberry Quik, but I don't like my daughter to have all that sugar in a drinkable yogurt.

(sorry about the bed head she just woke up)
Serve it up in a cup and voila you have drinkable yogurt and a very happy girlie!


  1. Change viola to voila. This is awesome! I will try it soon.

  2. thanks @Paula... that is what you get for having moving brain. :)

  3. I do the same thing! It is so expensive and my kids all love that yogurt, I know the one you are talking about, I have 4 so they can go through them like crazy. I never thought of using my magic bullet though.

  4. I use any excuse to use my magic bullet... ROFL Works like a charm... and I put the lid on and the rest in the fridge for the next day or later in the day as the case may be.

  5. Your daughter must have been my twin in her previous birth...lols
    I'm such a yogurt addict myself. Can live totally on apples and yogurt for months at a stretch.
    I like yogurt any which way- it doesn't have to be drinkable. And I make my yogurt at home. Same cost as milk, with all the goodness of yogurt. :)
    And we, in India, dont even use thermometers, etc. for that.
    I learnt doing that from my mom. Let me know if you want me to share how to do that at home.
    And thanks a ton for sharing a woonderful yogurt recipe with me.
    LIKE-d it, tweeted it and shared on Google plus too!

  6. Wow, so easy to make! Don't know why I haven't thought of this myself. I am definitely going to stop buying it and make my own! Thanks so much! (Judy Cowan)

  7. I didn't realize how easy this was! My kids love drinkable yogourt so I am definitely going to try this!

  8. I used to love drinkable yogurt as a kid and I still do to this day! Gonna have to try this! Yum!

  9. I want to make this for my boys. I think they would love it. :)