It is not Goodbye just see you later!

Friday, June 29, 2012 AnnMarie Brown 11 Comments

Having spent the last 18 years living in this city raising my family. The day has come to say good bye to both this city, many friends and even family. To be honest we never thought we would ever leave St Thomas. My husband dreamed of retiring here and living in our house until he had to go into a retirement home. But things happen, companies close their doors, jobs become harder to find as this city is hit with so many closures over such a short time. We find ourselves having to leave this city in order to live in this world and to stop just existing.

I have a huge mix of emotions as I type this. Leaving is so bittersweet. Last night Rob and I drove to a few places in St Thomas knowing this is the last time we would be at these establishments was even harder for me. The reality that relationships will not be the same has definitely set in for me. We have known this was coming for a few months and yet it doesn't make it any easier. Today is Friday and today is going to be the hardest yet. I have wonderful children and families I consider part of my extended family. I love these children and families so much. Saying Goodbye today is going to be difficult to say the least.

To my friends, family, church family and precious daycare families we say good bye or as someone told me it is not good bye it is see you soon!

Life is full of changes and as we begin this next chapter of our life in Toronto and say goodbye to the current chapter we hope that Toronto is everything we dream of it to be.

Good bye St Thomas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

.... the memories will last a lifetime.