We have found a place to live!!!!

Thursday, June 07, 2012 AnnMarie Brown 2 Comments

We went to Toronto on the weekend with the full intention of being about to find an apartment to live in for our family. Our house is for sale and we are optimistic it will be sold very soon so we can continue on our adventure of moving to the big city and starting over with so many different things happening and changing.

The day started with us leaving our fair city at 7:30am so we could make it to our first appointment at 11am. We arrived in plenty of time to check out the area the apartment was in and get a feel for the surroundings. I have to say the impression of the building was that it was very nice on the outside... but upon entry well let's just say that was another story. The apartment was disgusting!!!! Having seen it with so much filth I am not sure I could clean it enough to live there and burn that image out of my head. The topper was the signs on the stairway doors that said that some people were using the stairwells as bathrooms and asking them not too. Seriously who was living in this building!! Online it looked to lovely but in reality it was not lovely at all. Horrible disgusting and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone to live there it was that bad.

Feeling a tad deflated we went on to our second appointment. We were more than early but we drove around the area to check out the surroundings which checked out okay. As we parked in the parking lot I called the gentlemen we had set the appointment to see if we could come early. Off we went to see the apartment... lobby was clean, elevators clean and the apartment clean again! Looks like we hit the gold mine with this apartment. It also has an outdoor pool one of the things we really didn't want to give up as we presently have a pool at our house. The condo had 3 bedrooms, 5 appliances and it was definitely some where we could see ourselves living.

The location was close enough to both my girls which made me happy too! So we applied for the apartment and found out on Sunday that we had gotten it. We were beyond excited to get the call and happy to have a place to live.

Now we are busy downsizing our household items so that we can fit into this place. Moving from a house to an apartment/condo requires a lot of downsizing but alas it is very freeing and I am enjoying the process it is just exhausting!

So the days are counting down as we will be heading for Toronto in a mere 24 days.... stay tuned as we continue our adventure into the big city and explore our new surroundings.


  1. Oh thank heavens honey! I was getting worried. Hope Its close to the conferences because I am crashing at your place. Seriously.

  2. @Paula Schuck

    No worries it is very close and I have a driver... gotta love my husband.