Yes, We are CraZy!

Friday, June 08, 2012 AnnMarie Brown 11 Comments

I believe we are certifiable as my friend Nancy would say. We currently live in small city Ontario with a population of 36,000 and in a mere 22 days we will call the largest city in Canada home. As soon as people hear we are moving to Toronto (in case you didn't know the largest city in Canada) we get looks and comments like oh my gosh you must be crazy. So hence the title of this post. We are CraZy!

We are leaving behind friends and family to move to a HUGE city where we have a few contacts but basically moving to a new place where we know hardly anyone. This is going to be quite the adventure as we purge our house and pack up to make the move to Toronto. Excited - yes, scared - yes, sad - yes, happy - yes, all of the above. I think once we first move to Toronto for the first few months it will feel like we are on a long holiday of sorts acting like tourists in our new city. But as time goes on we will settle into a routine, make new friends, and just continue on with our life. Trust me I will not be forgetting my dear friends in my fair city currently and thanks to social media I can keep in touch. I love you social media but you already knew that. 

With some conferences coming up in Toronto in the fall I will get to reconnect with my friends when they come down to the conferences and as one stays with me while attending the conferences. Oh I can't wait.. trust me I have already written it down in pen so it is a go no matter what. I am excited about living in Toronto when the 2015 Pan-AM games come to the city. Can't wait to see the Argos play, might even take in a Leafs game for my dear husband not to mention all the festivals and theatre that happens in this fair city. As you can tell I am excited to see what Toronto is going to offer my family and the new adventures we will find along the way. 

Of course my blog will definitely reflect my life as it changes and we adjust to living in a big city. I will blog as we make new friends and connections in the social media and homeschooling world. There is so much potential here in Toronto and we are going to embrace what it has for our family and hang on for the ride. Don't worry you don't have to hang on to hard because I will be hanging on for you all. 

Bringing my family to Toronto on June 30th with my furniture arriving on July 2nd!!!!

So welcome to my new kind of crazy!!!!!