Nominate a role model who inspires you for the Dove #CelebrateMom Contest, My Dear Friend Diane was Surprised by the nomination!

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This post is part of's support of the Dove® Celebrate Mom Contest. I received compensation as a thank you for my participation. This post reflects my personal opinion about the information provided by the sponsors. You can nominate inspiring moms here:

Our children's special needs brought us to together six years ago but it is our friendship and love for people that has kept us friends since we first met. The person I nominated for Dove #CelebrateMom Contest is my dear friend, Diane. When I met Diane she had two boys with special needs that she had adopted when they were babies. What drew me to Diane was the way she would light up when talking about her boys. Her love was infectious. And because she has so much love to give and wants to make a difference in this world her family decided to become part of a local Homeshare program, so basically she is raising another special needs boy who needed a home and a family to love him unconditionally. 

Diane works as a Family Support Partner in our community when she is not tending to her own family. When she sees a need in the community she tries her best to full fill that need. About seven years ago she felt that there was a need for a parent/caregiver support group for special needs parents, so she decided with the help of others to start a group up in our local community that has been a benefit to many families.

She doesn't let her children's disabilities hinder them from experiencing life to the fullest. And she uses this same sort of passion to help others cope with the ups and downs of raising their children with or without special needs. Diane is always willing to listen and give honest advice or look for the answers if she doesn't have them.

Diane has inspired me to make a difference. Anyone can make a difference. You see Diane has a love for life and everyone she comes in contact with and it is this love for people and life that make her stand out as a role model in the community. She takes the ups and downs of parenthood and always finds something to smile about. Do you have a role model in your life that has inspired you to become a better person? If there an amazing woman in your life? Go nominate her for the #CelebrateMom Contest. 
A Note to Diane ~ Thank you so much for being you. For making a difference not only in my life but in every  life you touch. I know I could speak to many people who feel the same way about you. You give many people hope and you make a difference in the life of not only the children you advocate for but in the families you touch on a daily basis. So basically thank you for being you. I feel very privileged to call you my friend. ~ Love ya, Annie 
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Visit by September 4th to nominate a mom who’s an inspiring role model to women and girls in the Dove® Celebrate Mom Contest. Four inspiring women will win $2,500 for herself and $2,500 to be donated to the charity of her choice.

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