I have an office!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

Mini Office in my home
you are going to have to trust me the picture taker took it crooked
Very excited to have my own mini office in my house. I was looking at a wall we had in our house and kept thinking that would be a perfect wall for a small desk to host my laptop and get it off the kitchen table so I don't have to move it every time we eat there which is a lot. Trust me space is very limited in my apartment. So off to Ikea we went. I was looking for something inexpensive also. I found a cute little desk with a glass top for only $35. Thank you Ikea! Still looking for something to put under the desk instead of the rack that is there right now but it has to be cute.

I am looking at it as I type this because I am sitting on the couch and not at my desk. I will normally sit at the desk but I have been up for hours and was watching a movie with my little girlie this morning and multi tasking because I have neglected my blog for so many days this week because of this move.

My air conditioner is running because today is supposed to be the hottest day of the year. So I am sitting close to it. Keeping cool is the motto today. Today also for the first time I am alone. Just me and the dog are home. The rest of the family went out to drop off papers are York University. I had went back to bed due to not being able to sleep past night. So I stayed home but ended up getting up and started writing the many blog posts that were running around in my head.

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