Olympic coverage locally on TV when you have cut the cord

Saturday, July 28, 2012 AnnMarie Brown 12 Comments

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As a family we love the Olympics and love watching the Olympics but we also made a decision many years ago to cut the cord meaning we do not have cable TV. Lucky for us when we moved to Toronto we were able to pick up quite a few stations via digital antenna. The lucky part for us it that we can still view the olympics via CTV and NBC.

We really do not have an elaborate antenna by any means just a small one that is not to unsightly but it does allow us to get about 23 tv stations for free. Okay not free, free but via the $29.99 antenna we purchased. It was very easy to install and attach to our balcony already existing. I will add that we do live on the 7th floor and face west. In our old house we only got one station total. So to have 23 stations is like having cable to us. So we are thankful that we can get our Olympic coverage and watch Canada win the gold. 

We did watch the opening ceremonies on Friday night and I thought it was very beautiful and nice but I also felt that is was a little all over the place. Do you have any thoughts on the opening ceremonies?
One of the tv channels we do get it called Antenna TV... 2.2 on our tv is all I can tell you and I get to enjoy watching Leave it to Beaver and The Partridge Family. We also get all the American major networks as well as all the major Canadian ones also. My youngest is happy to see TVO and PBS on the television. Always great to have some educational television.

So cutting the cord is not all bad. Actually on a funny note the first day of us living here and having the antenna installed my middle daughter and I just sat and watched some commercials. We haven't seen a commercial in so long. Really we are not missing much.

Do you watch the Olympics as a family? Is your family interested in the Olympics at all?