Trying to connect after relocating...

Tuesday, July 24, 2012 AnnMarie Brown 6 Comments

As you are aware my family has relocated to a different city. I don't want to keep looking back but the community we were in... we were very connected between committees, friends, relatives, support groups and church family we were always busy and always doing something. Fast forward four weeks and cue the music, I'm a Long Way from Home by Shooter Jennings in the movie Walk the Line. My days are filled with a few drives here and there it really is helping us get used to our surroundings but my heart wants to do something more. To help others, to serve and to become connected in the largest city in Canada. Really does sound overwhelming on it's own.

I am optimistic about meeting like individuals who like to make this world a better place for others and make a difference every day they are here. You see I have felt I haven't done that since we moved and that is really hard for me. I love people, I love helping people and sharing my life with others. It just seems as though my hands have been tied since we moved here. No one to help, no where to serve... and sometimes nothing to do.

If anyone has ideas for ways to connect and help within our community here we would be more than grateful. Both my husband and I would love to get involved. We are both used to keeping busy and too much idle time is not good for you and your well being.


  1. Here's an idea: my husband volunteers once a week for 4 hours at the hospital. He's done it for over 2 years and just loves it! I'm sure there would be plenty of similar opportunities at one of the many hospitals there!

    Change is tough, especially such big change as relocating! Time will really help!!


  3. I just moved to Mississauga from the East coast and I feel the same way. It is hard to get involved in a new area when you have no network. It has resulted in me spending lots of time inside, which is unusual for me. Good luck getting adjusted.

  4. I've moved countless times. Okay, I can count them. I've moved 12 times in my entire life. Each time, I've had to build new friendships and make new connections. My latest has been leaving Toronto for Manitoulin Island. A BIG change! I'd say joining groups/organizations, going to the gym, volunteering, all helped me. Also, play groups for my now 3.5 year old have been instrumental in getting me connected with others :)

  5. Oh Annie! I hope you find your new community there and I hope they love you as much as we do. Is there a retirement home near you at all? I think kids and retirement homes are a great combination. The people at my Mom's retirement home love love when Ainsley comes in and Payton too.

  6. Thanks Paula I am going to look into the retirement home thing.... and I know all those are good ideas but some of those things are not going on during the summer which kind of makes it more difficult.