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Our first stop every week is the library, we love books so much we spend a lot of time there. It seems this summer my Miss Mew has developed a love for reading and is devouring books very quickly. Trust me, I love this!!!! Sharing my love for books with my fourth child. That means I am four for four on passing on my love for reading to my children. It just so happens I found this lovely meme to share her choices of books with.

 My daughters love for Ramona started with this very book. I am sure it was Selena that grabbed her attention more than anything. I was so happy that she found something that she liked to read.

Ramona is a character in the book that Beverly Cleary has brought to life. She is a bit of a menace to her older sister Beezus. Ramona always sets out with the best intentions but her imagination just takes over or should I say her over active imagination takes over and it usually doesn't end up well.

Ramona is a loveable fun loving character always doing things that make my daughter laugh out loud while reading the book. The book keeps my daughter entertained all the way through as she looks forward to what Ramona is going to do next.
In this book Ramona's house is changing with her father returning to College and her mother is going to work. Ramona is starting a new school and most importantly she gets to ride a bus all by herself.

Ramona gives you get insights into how a child views the world and the adults around her. As a parent it is a good reminder that children view things differently then adults. I find it opens a door for conversation with my daughter on "why didn't Ramona tell her mom how she really feels?"

So far we have read two books in the Ramona series but I do see many more in our future.

Happy Reading for this week!

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