Life is Real...a Dose of Reality

Wednesday, October 03, 2012 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

Monday morning as we were just preparing to start our day with a drive to look at the beautiful fall colours around us the phone rings, it is 11:10am. I am on the other line on a business call and my husband says you might want to take this. It is one of those calls that rocks your world. My mom has been taken to the hospital via ambulance. I excuse myself from my phone call saying I am sorry I have to get ready to leave for London.
Life is Real...a Dose of Reality

At this point I wasn't even showered or dressed for the day. This is the joys of being your own boss and working from home. I grabbed our suitcase started putting everything in it and jumped into the shower to get ready. My mind was racing at this point and I couldn't concentrate on anything. So thankfully to be married to the best man in the world who knows what I am like and was going through his own check list of what we needed to bring.

We made it to London in record time. I live over two hours away from my mom now and the drive was the longest two hours of my life. Not knowing how my mom was was just gripping at my heart and I have never felt so anxious to see her face. Nothing else matter after I got the phone call. It was all about getting to London fast enough to see my mom to make sure she was going to be alright. It is like so much flashes before your eyes.

Once I got the call about my mom I dialed a dear friend Marianne who totally gets the relationship I have with my mom because she has the same with her mom. I babbled to her what was going on.. said I was on my way to London and couldn't get there fast enough. She let me know that if we needed anything she would be there and I know she would have in a heart beat.

First and foremost my mom is now fine. Later that evening after she was taken to the hospital and then discharged she said she felt good as new as if nothing had happened. But but the look on all our faces something did definitely happen. My dad looked to tired and worn and here was my mom smiling like it was just another day. And it was another day... another day to be blessed to have a wonderful mother and family. To not take anything for granted. She knows she scared all of us to death and she scared her self also. She is having some more testing done but so far there is no explanation as to why this happened to her. All tests have come back normal. Grateful about the tests coming back normal but we would all like to know how this happened so it can be avoided.

As a cancer survivor I already knew life was precious and not to be taken for granted but I was reminded even more today how precious it was and how we should live life to the fullest without regrets and love those in our life with all our heart and most important tell them how much you love them.

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