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I have enjoyed being part of the Kelloggers Network for the last year and being able to try their new products. I have always enjoyed Kellogg's products that I have tried. The new breakfast items are no exception from that rule. Kellogg's is making breakfast convenient and yummy all at the same time!

Special K Morning Shakes
Kellogg Canada is shaking things up with new Kellogg's Special K Morning Shakes. With 10 grams of protein and a source of 12 essential nutrients per one serving. I picked up the Vanilla flavour as I am allergic to Strawberries and not a fan of Chocolate so Vanilla it is. I found the drink very creamy, delicious and not to mention so convenient to be able to grab it and go to do my errands first thing in the morning and not having that hungry feeling while I am shopping. WIN! As I mentioned the shakes come in three flavours, vanilla, strawberry and chocolate and can be found in the cereal aisle of your local grocery store.

Eggo Minis Waffles
My daughter could not wait to get her hands on these cute and tasty Eggo Mini Waffles. I was worried about the cinnamon flavour being to strong for her but it was just a nice subtle flavour. Once the mini waffles popped up from the toaster we found them to be light, crispy and I don't have to tell you how good Eggo waffles taste. My daughter devoured the whole box in just a few days. The Eggo Mini Waffles come in two flavours: Original and Cinnamon Toast.

Special K Flatbread Morning Sandwiches
I love breakfast sandwiches and Kellogg's Special K are not an exception. I tried the Egg & Sausage ones and really liked the convenience of being able to pop them in the microwave and have my breakfast done in 90 seconds. Perfect for those busy mornings where you have little time to create in the kitchen. The flatbread sandwiches are made with multi-grain flatbread, they sandwiches have 170 to 240 calories. The sandwiches come in three flavours: Egg, Ham & Pepper Jack Cheese, Egg & Sausage, Egg with Vegetables & Pepper Jack Cheese.

How do your little ones eat their Eggo Mini waffles?

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