Our First Halloween in Toronto

Tuesday, November 06, 2012 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

Halloween20121As with a typical Halloween the rain greeted us for the whole day. For a week prior I was researching where to go out trick or treating. Hard not to laugh but Toronto is all new to me and I had no clue where we would take our daughter trick or treating. When the evening finally came we walked out our front door of our apartment building only to find no one out. Seriously only about two houses with lights on. How were we going to meet our neighbours when know one had lights on.

So we decided to head into our car and drive to a different neighbourhood so our daughter would not be disappointed by the lack of participation in our neighbourhood.

My little angel dressed up as Belle one of her favourite Disney Princesses. Unfortunately due to all the rain we had to put a clear plastic poncho over top so she didn't get soaked and end up sick.

Even with our change of plans my little princess received a lot of candy. Too much candy if you ask me but she was very happy and we were happy to allow her this opportunity of going trick or treating. Next year we are going to find something else to do on Halloween because so far trick or treating in Toronto is for the birds. Sad but truthful information.

If anyone in Toronto is reading this can you point me in the right direction for Halloween activities or a great spot to go trick or treating for next year? Did you go out trick or treating? Does your neighbourhood participate and if they don't what do you do instead?

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