What does ifocus help children do? {product review}

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What does ifocus help children do? I can not speak for all children but I can speak for my child. When I was asked if I wanted to review ifocus and was told it would help my child with concentration something that she does struggle with. This could be a win win situation for both myself and my daughter.

ifocus is an attention training program which combines behavioral strategies, nutritional tips and exercise program for children who have attention problems through a game played on the computer so they don't even realize they are doing something that will help them because the game is so much fun to play.

What does ifocus help children do?

  • clear distractions
  • improve memory
  • absorb more information
  • develop higher levels of focus and attention
When I received the program I opened the first CD and put it in my car because I couldn't wait to get started with the program. What parent doesn't want to help their child any way they can? I played the CDs while driving doing errands and appointments for a day. By the time I got home I couldn't wait for my daughter to play the Jungle Rangers computer game. 

Truth be told we have only been playing the game for almost four weeks but I have already noticed a difference in my daughters concentration when doing her studies. She stays on task longer than every before, trust me this says something as a homeschooling mom of a daughter who had the attention span of a peanut and would jump from one task to the next all day long and I would run along behind her trying to keep up with her as she would get book after book. She now pulls out what she wants to do and actually completes it. Staying on task is something she struggles with and it has improved greatly in a short period of time. The only think we have done differently is add this computer game. 

This is one computer game that my daughter keeps wanting to play day after day so that in itself is a good thing when it comes to my daughter staying on task. The game is self adjusting to your child's ability making it challenging and keeps them engaged. These automatic adjustments promote constant improvement on certain tasks, which leads to increased focus, attention and memory.

ifocus did come with some nutritional tips but we were already practicing them due to dietary restrictions in our house already. The behavioral strategies were also point on for us but many would benefit from listening to the CDs and reading the material that goes along with it.

The ifocus development team recommends that a child play Jungle Rangers 30 minutes a day five days a week for six weeks in order to experience improvement in the ability to absorb, store and manipulate information without distractions. Good habits take time to form and we are going to continue playing this game for the next four weeks to see if the improvement we have already seen continues with our daughter.

This would be a great addition to the Christmas list!

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