How to save some dollars during Christmas and every month...

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Last year I wrote about my famiy having a Frugal Christmas and one of the things that helps us keep on budget it that our children  only gets 4 gifts, a want, need, something to read and something to wear from us each year. That helps you with the spending on your children but how about your spending on others. It is so easy to get caught up in spending and breaking the bank only to regret it later. According to a recent survey conducted by Moblicity, 58% of Canadians spend more than they should during the holidays.

Here are some tips to avoid the holiday shopping hangover:

Make a detailed list of what you are buying and who you are buying it for as well as how much you have to spend on the person or certain gift. The key is not so much making the list but sticking to the list!

Cash Only
One of my biggest tips is to only purchase the gifts you have to buy with cash. This way you are not sucked into buying something just a little bit more but still over what you budgeted for the persons gift.

I love to bake and I am a stay at home mom but even if you are not there are many people out there who don't like to bake or have to time to bake so why not give them some special baking wrapped up for them to  share with those they celebrate the holiday with. Or if you are crafty you can make them something yourself this way you avoid the temptation of the stores hence keeping your money in your pocket.

Take a really good look at your list and see if there is someone you can cut out or better yet get your family together and draw names eliminating how many people have you to buy for. I have a dear friend that has a Christmas open house every year and there is a gift exchange of something you have received for a gift but can not use you can wrap it up and give it to someone else.

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