Hello Boogie Wipes, Good-bye sore nose!

Tuesday, January 08, 2013 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

I am sure you have heard but flu season is definitely in full swing now and with flu season you see the Rudolph noses where ever you go. I know my daughter hates having her nose wiped because it hurts. Can't say as I blame her on that one your nose definitely does get sore after wiping it time and time again. We all know how a running nose seems to be that forever dripping or should I say running faucet.
nose wipes

When I was first asked about trying Boogie Wipes, I thought seriously how much better can they really be. The saline wipes gentle on stuffy noses. I was also afraid because some of their are scented and well my girlie is definitely scent sensitive. But the scents are subtle and not over powering at all. YEAH!

We ventured over to their website after we starting using them only to find the strangest but according to my daughter the funniest page every and that would be the Gross Facts page.

Boogie Wipes also have the cutest little travel packs so that I can just pop a few in my purse and be off and running for the day.

We have really loved having Boogie Wipes in the house during this cold and flu season and my daughter no longer cries when we wipe her nose definitely a win win situation!

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