Catching up

Monday, May 13, 2013 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

Just in case you have not been following me on social media lately you might not realized that we moved back to our hometown. It was not an uneventful move day but it was one filled with joy as we were finally coming home after 10 long months of being in Toronto.

Upon returning to this small city we noticed the many things we had taken for granted while we lived here the first time. Here is a short list of the things that we missed while living in Toronto.

  • The colour green – it might not mean much to you but when you have lived around apartment buildings for 10 months you begin to miss the colour green. Every where I look around town I see green.
  • The fact that I can run errands and be done in an hour and that is with going to about 6 stores.
  • I can walk to most of my destinations on a daily basis. This just warms my heart. I love living in what is thought to be the downtown area of my little city.
  • There is hardly any vehicles on the road no matter where I go in town.
  • Best of all I am only 20 minutes away from my parents. Oh how my heart is happy with just the thoughts of this.

Those are a few things that we enjoy about our little city here in Southwestern Ontario. I will be starting a house tour shortly of our 153 house that we purchased. I love everything about it.

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