On Another Journey

Wednesday, May 01, 2013 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

Time for another journey that will be taking us to another city. After much prayer and talk we have decided to return to our hometown. Yes, you heard me we are heading back. We have purchased a house less than three weeks ago and we move in this week.

As you can see the SOLD sign is on the house and we have done our final walk thru of the property. We are almost completely packed just some necessities left to pack now.

We are leaving the big city of Toronto but not without it making a huge impact on our lives. We have met so many wonderful people and are blessed to have them in our lives.

When it comes right down to it .... big city people we are not. We came to Toronto from small city Ontario and when we came to Toronto we were excited about the adventure we were on but once the excitement wore off we were missing small city Ontario and longed to be back with our friends and family.

It was not an easy decision to go back but it was the best decision for our family. I want to thank everyone we have met here in Toronto for making us feel so welcome from the very first day. We have had the most amazing landlords anyone could ever ask for and I thank them for that.

I am so looking forward to what I call normal and familiar way of life back home. We will be back to visit as this city has so much to offer but at this time we are returning home where our hearts are and always have been.

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