Pulled Pork Poutine #DishwithDawn

Thursday, May 30, 2013 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

The french girl in my loves Poutine!!! I was given a food challenge to create a delicious poutine for me and my family. My family loves poutine and we love pulled pork so I had the wonderful iea to combine both of them to make a Pulled Pork Poutine.
Annie's Pulled Pork Poutine
  • fresh cut fries
  • pulled pork
  • cheese curds
  • gravy
  1. clean potatoes to cut into fries
  2. make pulled pork in slowcooker
  3. cook fries in the oven on crisper tray until done
  4. top fries with cheese curds, gravy and pulled pork – pop in the oven so it all melts together. YUMMY!
Now it is time to clean up:
We put Dawn Ultra Dish Detergent to the test to clean up our mess we created and as you can see above Dawn passed the test with flying colours.

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