DIY Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Tuesday, June 18, 2013 AnnMarie Brown 9 Comments

Cleaning my new hardwood floors has been a task for the last six weeks. I have tried a few different cleaners made for cleaning hardwood floors but nothing that I was satisfied with. In our old house we didn't have hardwood floors and I had no idea how to care for them.

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I decided to go back to my tried and true method of cleaning my floors. Vinegar and water here we come and I was more than pleased with the results on my hardwood floors. They shined like the first day they were put in.

I found the best way for me to clean my floors was to use  a spray bottle that way I could spray the cleaner on my floor as I went so that the water did not sit on my hardwood floors for any length of time.

To my spray bottle I added:

  • 2 cups of warm water
  • 2 teaspoons vinegar
  • 1 to 2 drops of essential oil (usually lavender)  

Make sure you do not put to much vinegar in your water as vinegar is acidic and too much vinegar will make your floors look dull. Also the cloth on my mop is barely damp so that not a lot of water sits on my hardwood floors. I only add the essential oil so that my house doesn't smell like vinegar and it smells like lavendar instead!

I have been using this recipe for about three weeks now with great results every time. I will not invest in another hardwood floor cleaner now that I have found what works for me.

Happy Cleaning!

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  1. Oh that sounds interesting! I will have to try it! Another thing that I found works amazingly for us is the norwex mops. They are a bit pricey, but a good investment and you aren't putting anything on your floors but water, and not much water at all. No I am not sponsored by them, nor do I sell it. Just a fan LOL

  2. I will give this a try. With the commercial cleaners I find them to be streaky. Usually, I have use a secondary damp mop, to pick up what I can of the cleaner. Which makes the first mom a bit pointless! Thank you!

  3. Looks like is easy and cheap i will try it in my hardwood floors

  4. Thanks for sharing, I am going to try this on my floors the next time I wash them! Definitely cheaper and safer for our animals. (Judy Cowan)

  5. I love using vinegar to clean. I did not know I could use it on my hardwood though. I will give it a try!

  6. That is so close to the recipe I use and I use it for more than floors. I just add 2 tsp of dish soap.

  7. That is the most effective cleaning ingredients that I guess we have to use for floor cleaning. Good thing that you share some of these tips here. All of these terms of cleaning is just simple, and it can be obtain good cleaning result.
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  8. Very neat! I will have to try this. Thanks for sharing!!!

  9. Thanks for all these money saving easy tips. Going to give these a try! Floor cleaning bids