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I love movies that I can just put into my blu-ray/dvd player and not have to worry about what is going to be coming across my screen for my children to view. We love to watch movies together as a family on a regular basis, this time we decided to invite some friends in from our new neighbourhood to view A Turtle's Tale 2 - Sammy's escape from paradise(released on dvd on July 9th) with us.

A Turtle's Tale 2

Our first thing to do was to get some of our favourite snacks. We have food intolerances in our house so we have to take that into consideration when we are making snacks for any events let along a movie night. We decided on some Gluten Free Banana Bread and some homemade Ice Cream would both be something to fit the bill as well as some ice tea and lemonade to drink.

A Turtle's Tale 2 DVD,

We had a wide range of ages watch this film from age 4 to 9 as well as a 19 year old, not to mention the adults that viewed the film. The children had their full attention on the screen the whole time. Ricky and Ella were hands down favourites in this household. All the children picked up on the message of looking after and caring for life in the water. One of our littles thought the suspenseful moments were a tad to scary for them but really everyone enjoyed the show and gave it two thumbs up.

The movie is rated: G and is targeted to 3-10 year-olds but is suitable for the whole family! I will say I recommend viewing this movie in two segments with a brief intermission for snacks and washroom breaks this is both beneficial to the adults and small children. That way no one misses the movie either.

The Plot

The film follows Sammy and Ray, two turtles who end up trapped in a restaurant/aquarium called “The Tank”. Once inside, they must find a way out out so that they can reunite with their grandchildren Ricky and Ella. While inside The Tank, they meet colorful characters and embark on an exciting adventure.

A Turtle's Tale 2 - Sammy's Escape From Paradise is now available on DVD/Blu-Ray for your families viewing. Be sure to check out the trailer above and then head out to the store and pick up a great movie for your whole family.

Do you have regular family movie nights? What kind of movies do you watch with your family?

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