We went WILD at African Lion Safari!

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If you are one of my instagram followers you will know that on Monday we decided to take an adventure to African Lion Safari in Cambridge, Ontario. It has been over fifteen years since I had been to African Lion Safari and we were happy to see some of our favourite things to do still there.

Once arriving at African Lion Safari we did not even hesitate and get over to the bus tours to get booked on the next bus we could. I know as a child this was always a highlight of my trip and I couldn't wait to share this experience with my daughter and her friend. My only regret with the bus tour was that I did not have my camera ready to go the minute the bus got into the gates for the safari tour because both girls mouths dropped and their eyes opened so bright to take in all the sites around us.

The Safari Bus through the game reserves is the best way to go as you do not have to worry about your vehicle being damaged by any of the animals and trust me they do like to play on your vehicles. They give you fair warning that damage can occur to your vehicles so why not just take a ride on the air conditioned Safari Tour Bus. They tour drivers on the bus are a vast array of information for the tour educating us on the different animals as we went through the park.

Our tour bus finished just in time for us to head over to the Elephant Swim. This was one of my favourite things of the day to watch. It was amazing to watch as the elephants marched down to the water to enjoy a dip in the water and they really did swim. They were diving and splashing in the water just like our children do in our pool at home.
We did experience a noon hour shower which was fine by us because we were headed into the air conditioned food area to enjoy some pizza and drinks. By the time we had finished eating our lunch it has stopped raining so we could continue on our adventure for the day.

I had no idea that African Lion Safari had so many fun things to play on and do. The girls had fun exploring the jungle gym area and Misumu Bay Wet Play areas. We gave them time to release some energy so we could continue on with our tour of the grounds.

Once the girls were all refreshed from the splash park area they got changed and we headed to some of the shows for the afternoon. We took in the Parrot Paradise Show as well as the Elephant Round Up. They parrots were great and the children loved staying after the show ended and talking to the handlers about different things the parrots could and couldn't do. The handlers were great in answering all their questions. I have to say I have a soft spot for Jake the elephant. He is so sweet and has a great sense of humour. Once the Elephants Round Up was finished the handlers brought the elephants to the fence so everyone could pet them. The girls are still talking about Jake the Elephant and how funny he was.

We finished off the day with a ride on the Nature Boy Scenic Railway Tour through the natural forest where we got to see unique wildlife it was a perfect way to end the day before we headed into the gift shop to grab some souvenirs to top off our wonderful day.

African Lion Safari is a great way to spend the day with your family no matter the age. I know my husband and I enjoyed it just as much as the girls we shared the day with. If you are looking to give your family a GO WILD! adventure head over to African Lion Safari and plan your trip for a fun day of adventure for your whole family.
** Disclosure: Posted by It's just my life... I received a complimentary pass to facilitate my review, however all opinions expressed are honest and my own. The opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author. **

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