Continuing our Crohn's Journey - Update on my Daughter

Monday, September 16, 2013 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

I have been asked how the new treatment is going with my daughter, Alyssa, on her Crohn's journey. We went to our appointment as scheduled to start on this journey of clinical trials. We were told that for the first time in 20 years as clinical trial has been cancelled and it just happened to be cancelled the morning we were about to start it.

I personally put so much hope into this clinical trial. I had been praying for over a month that this would be the treatment that would finally work with my daughter and send her into remission. I haven't been the only one praying... we had many friends, family and even strangers praying for our daughter and this treatment. But it is gone and no longer an option.

So here we sit with my beloved daughter on Prednisone since that appointment in August and this really will not do a whole lot for her at this time... we hope it will stop making her Crohn's worse. The side effects my daughter is experiencing from Prednisone is just plain crazy. She has the usual insomnia and weight gain (water retention if you will) but she also has the strange things that go along with Prednisone like muscle weakness, joint pain, thin skin (bruising easy) and takes forever to heal.

Many people comment to us how Alyssa always has a smile on her face and she just keeps on keeping on no matter how much pain she is in. As a family we believe that everything happens for a reason and we have no clue what God's plan is for our daughter and there is no way of us knowing what is in store we just have to embrace the here and now ... accept it and keep moving forward with grace and love. And if our strong faith isn't enough she loves to watch Duck Dynasty for her comic relief on a daily basis as it helps her keep her spirits up.

As soon as we know the course of treatment for my daughter I will be sure to share it all with you so you can continue to pray for us on our journey!

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