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Monday, September 30, 2013 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

I love to start my week by planning my menu plan for the week for my family. I find we function a whole lot better when I do things this way. It takes the guess work out of meal planning for my week. One more than I can check off my to do list before my day gets started. This week is a bit different because I need meals at home for my dog sitter who happens to be my son. He will be staying for three days looking after my furbaby. At the same time we will be out of town for a few days so eating out and for me busy at a conference. 

One of the other things I prefer to do is to not have to run out and purchase the items for my meal planning for the week. I like to use up what we already have in our house. We are a homeschooling family and because of that I like to plan all three of our meals so that I know I have what I need on hand to make our meals for the week. 

Monday (11am - piano, 1pm - field trip)
  • Breakfast - juice, fresh fruit, yogurt
  • Lunch - soap, grilled cheese, milk
  • Dinner - pork loin, rice, veggies

Tuesday (errands in London, 6pm - run club, 6pm - hubby exam)
  • Breakfast - waffles, fruit, juice
  • Lunch - HM pizza
  • Dinner - steak, potatoes, veggies

Wednesday (2pm - Library group)
  • Breakfast - oatmeal, juice
  • Lunch - chicken nuggets, mac n' cheese, milk
  • Dinner - 

Thursday (I leave for Blissdom)
  • Breakfast - bagel, juice, tea
  • Lunch - HM subs, pickles, milk
  • Dinner - *away

Friday (family joins me at hotel)
  • Breakfast - *away
  • Lunch - *away
  • Dinner - *away

Saturday (away)
  • Breakfast - *away
  • Lunch - *away
  • Dinner - *away

Sunday (away)
  • Breakfast - bagels, muffins, orange juice, coffee
  • Lunch - with Stephanie??? (out some where)
  • Dinner - back home

I plan to update my away menu once I know the details and my agenda for the event I am attending not to mention places near by for my family to eat at. 

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