Sore Muscles after Shoveling the snow get relief with Deep Relief's NEW Heat Spray! {#Review and #Giveaway}

Sunday, November 24, 2013 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

On Saturday night when we went to sleep we had 2 inches of snow and the forecast said we were going to get up to 4 inches. We didn't think much of it since 4 inches really isn't a lot of snow but little did we know when we got up the next morning to almost 3 feet of snow. So basically we got some serious snow in a matter of 12 hours.

I noticed a neighbour walking by and asked if he had a shovel we could borrow. You heard me right having just moved back to a single family house from an apartment we did not have a snow shovel. He was kind enough to lend up two shovels so we could begin to dig ourselves out.

Needless to say after almost 8 hours of digging and taking breaks to warm up. Thank goodness for hot chocolate ... it kept us warm and is so yummy! Once we were done shoveling the snow we could feel every muscle in our body. We had muscles places we had no idea there was a muscle there.

I reached for the Deep Relief Heat Spray. There was a slight warming situation that built up over time. The heat of the product wasn't as intense as I have experienced in the past. My favourite thing about the Deep Relief is that it is in a can and can be sprayed so it does not get on my hands in any way shape or form.


Do not take my word for how well it worked .... you could

~~ WIN ~~

One of It's just my life... Canadian readers is going to win a Deep Relief Prize Pack. (arv $75).


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