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I might not be on the cutting edge with fashion but I feel like I am on the cutting edge with laundry.  I have fallen in love with Downy Infusions and Unstopables as it makes my laundry smell fresh for up to 12 weeks. How cool is that!!!

Those who know me know how frugal I am and I just don't spend money for the sake of trying something new but I am thankful that P&G sent me some samples to try this because they have turned me into a believer when it comes to these products.

Have you every tried Tide Pods? This is another product I have tried and I just love the no mess of this product. Seriously every thing is contained in one like gel pack and it dissolves in cold water too! I think Tide Pods are even more convenient for those who do their laundry at the laundry mat or outside there home. You can just pop a few in a baggie and take them with you without adding a lot of extra weight.

Kimberly Newport-Mimran, the woman behind Canada's iconic fashion brand "Pink Tartan", knows a thing or two about looking chick. As creative director and president for one of Canada's most successful women's wear lines and shes also a mom, Kim shares her style secrets for looking great on the go:

Here are a few of her tips:

Timeless pieces are always in fashion
We’re all guilty of committing fashion crimes, but building a wardrobe founded in timeless pieces will ensure your look is always on point. By choosing pieces you can wear season after season, you’ll also increase the lifespan of your wardrobe. To keep my washable pieces looking their best, I launder with Tide Pods - an item every woman needs to have in her fabric care arsenal.

You don’t have to sacrifice style for functionality
As my collection evolves, I want to ensure I’m making clothing for the modern woman. The Washable Collection was developed for her. Each piece is made from quality washable fabrics that can be easily cared for. I recommend Tide Pods to care for all washable garments as they dissolve quickly and are easy to use.

Modern style is about care
Sometimes being chic is as simple as keeping your clothes looking crisp and clean. Imagine browsing your favourite shop if the clothing looked less than polished? It would alter the way you looked at the garment. I believe we should care for our clothing as you would other items you cherish. Using Tide Pods protects your favourite pieces and helps keep them looking their best.

Now something fun for my readers.

~~ WIN ~~

One of It's just my life... Canadian readers is going to win The Ultimate Laundry Pack (arv $50)

WINNER: Sweet Panda

Good Luck,                    

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