What does a day of unschooling my daughter look like?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

I have been asked this question more times then I can count. Every day is different as she chooses different ways to learn and different topics for the day. Sometimes our topics come from latest news events other times it comes from things she has been thinking about. The whole point of unschooling is so that she can lead in the direction she would like to go. I will say a lot of the time it leads to google! I am not sure what homeschoolers did before the creation of google but I know for us it is such a huge resource for our learning.

I guess I am evading the question a little but trust me I will get back to it. For us on any given day it can consist of work, play, volunteering, sports, journaling, cooking, riding our bikes, watching a movie, listening to music, painting, creating, visiting our friends, going to the library, talking, hiking on the trails, grocery shopping so basically anything we want to do that day. We look at life as life long learning so we learn all the time.

I don't want you to think that my daughter has free range on everything. We live in a world where we have limits on what we can do and as a family we have things that need to be done on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. We work together as a family to get everything done. I believe that as not only children but as humans we have a natural sense of curiosity to explore the world around us. We learn from everything we do in life. We choose to embrace that style of learning in our house. Just truly living our life every day allows us to learn new things everyday.

Did we always homeschool this way?

This is easy to answer NO we didn't not always homeschool this way. I used to have a room dedicated to homeschooling where we would follow our daily schedule day in an day out. All this lead to for both of us was meltdowns and heads knocking together so to speak. It wasn't until I decided to embrace the world around us and allowed my daughter to take more of a lead in her educational pursuits did it all change. My house is now a happy place to come into. Don't get me wrong the Math books are still there and she often goes to them during the week to do the work in them. I am just not like it is 9am time for Math. I have always said if I wanted to homeschool that way I would have sent her to school to be on that strict schedule.

Do we every wonder if we are homeschooling the right way?

With homeschooling I don't feel there is a right or wrong way. The beauty of homeschooling is that you can customize it to your child. You do what best suits their style of learning. I am human and because of that doubt does get into my head from time to time. Over the years of homeschooling I have gotten some amazing supportive women in my life that I can bounce anything off of and they will give me ideas and give me that support I need to keep going. Not sure what I would do without Sara or Jasmine sending these lovely ladies lots of love most definitely!

So basically whether you want to call it homeschooling or unschooling our days are filled with learning while we live our life. For that reason we do school 365 days a year - life is about learning every day!

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