Karma Boutique - #ShopLocal - Daily Vlog 7.4.14 - Day 4

Tuesday, July 08, 2014 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

On a quiet Saturday afternoon I decided to venture downtown to see if there were any new stores that I haven't been into. I love our quaint little downtown area where you can walk from one end of it to the other. While on my walk downtown I found the cutest little boutique named Karma Boutique.

Karma Boutique has a great collection of vintage one of a kind pieces. I will say that Karma Boutique is one of the best ladies vintage clothing stores in our city. One of the unique features of Karma is the personalized service from the shop owner, Laura. She was just amazing and always willing to help find the right piece.

One of things that stood out to me was their vast collection of vintage purses and shoes. Now what lady doesn't enjoy some purses and shoes! Don't stop just stop looking at the purses and shoes you are able to get your complete outfit there right down to the jewelry.

So if you are looking for a gem of a store look no further than Karma Boutique.

Connect with them on facebook - Karma Boutique.

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