October is the most mysterious month of the year on Netflix #StreamTeam

Friday, October 10, 2014 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

Nothing better than to settle in with your family for movie night to enjoy a good mystery on NETFLIX. For my family this week it was Spy Kids: All The Time in the World.

We have been watching the Spy Kids movies in this house for years. Spy Kids: All The Time in the World is the 4th movie in the series. We really enjoyed this movie and I thought it was a good way to pass the torch to the next generation of Spy Kids.

Movie Summary:
Marissa Cortez Wilson (Jessica Alba) has it all: married to a famous spy-hunting television reporter (Joel McHale), with a new baby and intelligent twin step kids, Rebecca (Rowan Blanchard) and Cecil (Mason Cook). When maniacal Timekeeper (Jeremy Piven) disrupts her domestic bliss - threatening to take over the planet - Marissa comes out of retirement as a top secret agent. With Armageddon quickly approaching, Rebecca and Cecil are thrust into action! With a little help from some familiar Spy Kids friends, Carmen (Alex Vega), Juni (Daryl Sabara), and their faithful dog Argonaut (Ricky Gervais) and some mind-blowing gadgets, they just may be able to save the world!

My daughter has continued to watch this movie since she first viewed it on our family movie night. As a matter of fact she liked it so much she wants to be a Spy Kid for halloween this year.

What are some of your favourite mystery movies on Netflix this month?

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