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The warmer weather is here so why not head to your local dollar store and find some inexpensive solutions to beat the heat! I went to my local Dollar Tree and found packages of sponges they came in a pack of 3 for $1.25. I picked up 6 packages so that I could make 6 sponge water balls.

If you don't have any elastics you might want to check out the stationary aisle to grab some before you head to the check out. I already has some on hand so that is all I had to pick up. 

Once we got home a cut the sponges into quarters length wise and then arranged the pieces as pictures above. I gathered the sponges in the center and wrapped the elastic around them three times to hold them together and watched them come together and form a ball as pictured below.

 When we finished making all 6 sponge water balls we headed outside for some cool fun. My daughter filled up a bucket with cool water and we tossed all the sponges into it to get wet.

I took some time to draw a target on the drive way so we could throw our sponges at it to see who could get the most points.

Get creative and see what you games you can come up with to play with the Sponge Water Balls. The best thing is they last longer than water balls and I don't have to pick up all the pieces of balloons all over my yard before my puppy finds them.

Here is the video I did to show you exactly how I made our Sponge Water Balls.

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