12 Things To DO on a MONEY FREE Weekend

Friday, July 03, 2015 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

There is not doubt that we like to spend time together as a family. We had an idea to have a money-free weekend which meant that we spent no money for the weekend but still had a ton of fun doing some family activities. The deal was we make no trips to any stores to get any groceries of snack or anything that ran out during that time or renting a movie. Thanks to our handy delivery from Shopease Foods we didn't have to worry about not having enough food on hand to get us through the weekend. Basically, all our entertainment had to be free. You heard me free! 


I will say that we survived the weekend and we didn't spend any money. I thought I would share some different things we thought of to do as well as some ideas people mentioned to me to do once I said we were doing a money free weekend. 

1. Visit the Library - Our local library loans out movies for free and they have some fairly recent movies on their shelves to choose from. If movies are not something you would like be sure to check out some books to read. 
2. Take Photographs - head out on a walk and give your child the camera and see what life is like through their eyes for the day. 
3. Visit a Gallery - many art galleries and museums have free times when you can visit why not check out when you can go to your local galleries and explore what is being shown there. 
4.Play Soccer - grab the ball and head over to a local park or just into your backyard for a game with the family. Loser has to wash the dishes after dinner. 
5. Geocaching - Take a look online to find out where there are some caches close to you and head out to find a "treasure". (Most phones come equipped with devices you can geocache with)
6. Build a Fort - Get the blankets out and some chairs to build a fort to have a sleepout or sleep in as the case maybe. 
7. Neighbourhood Cleanup - No need to travel far to find something to do and help other. Put on some gloves and grab a bag to clean up the neighbourhood so it is more inviting to others. 
8. Puzzles - Get out that puzzle that has been collecting dust on your shelf and start putting it together. 
9. Go for a walk - You do not have to have any where in mind to go you can just grab the dog if you have one and head out for a walk to explore your neighbourhood. 
10. Play Board Games - There are so many board games you can play with a different number of people. Some of our favourites are Blokus, Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride and Monopoly. 
11. Binge watch a TV Show - there are so many great tv shows on netflix right now here are a few that come to mind Orange is the New Black, Friends, Suits, White Collar, Homeland, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Drop Dead Diva, Crossing Lines and Friday Night Lights. (Remember I am in Canada so the choices can differ by region)
12. Check out your local community calendar for free events happening.
Have you ever tried to do a Money Free weekend with you family? If you did how did it turn out and what did you end up doing? If you can think of other things we could have done please share them with us because we would like to do this once a month.  

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