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School is just around the corner here in Ontario, Canada. And with that means getting the kids back onto a schedule so that you can make the transition to going back to school easier. I do realize that I am a homeschooler but I can tell you that from time to time we do get off schedule and one things my daughter started doing this summer was sleeping in. Once we get back to homeschooling every day sleeping in is not an option.

Here are some tips I have used to help ease everyone in the house back into routine for school.

1 - A easy transition starts with getting a good nights sleep for everyone including mom and dad. Start with putting the children to bed at the time needed once they are in school. Even if they are not asleep at that time they can be in bed reading a book. 

2 - Decide what time the children need to get up in the morning to get everything done that needs to be done before they leave for school. Remember to let the children know what your expectations are for school mornings. If the children need a reminder maybe print out a list for them and if they can not read yet you can use a picture list for them. 

3 - Have the children decide on their clothing choice before they head to bed. Remember to check the weather before making the clothing choice. 

4 - Establish a schedule for after school and what is expected of them in regards to homework and screen time. 

5 - Before heading to bed make sure backpacks are all by the door and packed with everything they need. This will help you with not having to run around like a mad person in the morning looking for that book or paper that is due that day. 

6 - Pack lunches the night before to eliminate the morning rush.

7 - Hang a family calendar so that everyone knows where they need to be that day. Hang it where everyone can see it every day. 

I am now homeschooling but my oldest three now adult children all went to school every day and I had to make sure everything was in order for our days to run smoothly. There is nothing worse they sending your child off to school after having a bad start to their morning. I always found it most helpful to sit down and get everything organized so that things would run as smoothly as possible. 

What are some things you do to ease into the back to school routine?

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