Never to Late to Start Saving for Someday #RESPwithRBC

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Sixth grade is almost upon us here at this house and I can not help but think about my daughters future and what she wants to do with her life. She has a great love for children even at her tender age and would love to work with children in some capacity. 

Saving for Someday - I want to support and help my daughter attain everything she has been dreaming of. I know that her dreams will change over the years but I also know first hand the cost of post secondary education can be astounding. So if I can help ease the burden even just a little bit I plan to do so.

Did you know saving for your child's future can be as easy as contributing $25 per week and you can watch the money grow into $50,911 in 18 years. That is not all the Government of Canada also contributes a percentage to the RESP - can we say FREE MONEYCheck out the RBC website for more information about RESPs.
FLEXIBILITY - What happens if your child doesn't attend a post secondary institution? The money can help your child do an college, university, apprenticeship, non-credit courses etc., and if your child doesn’t use the funds, you can use your contributions and earnings to fund your RRSP!

You decide how much and often you are able to contribute to the RESP weekly or annually what ever works for you. Not only that but relatives and friends can contribute to your child's RESP what a great birthday and Christmas gift idea. 

CONVENIENCEEven small contributions add up quickly with an RESP-Matic: Set up regular contributions and see your savings add up!

Book an appointment with an RBC advisor to open up an RESP.


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What do your children want to be when the grow up? Did you put aside money for your children s education?

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