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Friday, October 23, 2015 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

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My daughter is having a hard time deciding one what she wants to dress as for Halloween. Truth be told she is having a hard time deciding if she is going to go out or just attend a dance with some friends. 

Is your child like mine and just can't decide what to be for Halloween? My daughter is a last minute kind of person and is known to change her mind even at the last minute. I have tried to stress to her a Halloween costume is not something that she can keep changing. 

We turned to Netflix to get some inspiration for a costume this year. Some of her ideas included dressing up as her favourite girl from Project Mc2 as this is something easy to do with supplies we already have and she just loves the show. 

Shaylin is also fascinated with everything mermaid but trying to walk around and get candy while wearing a mermaid tale isn't really going to work but if you were just going to go to a party it might be something you could pull off. 

In the end I do believe that the Dracula fangs have won and she has finally settled in on being a vampire for Hallloween. Well at least I hope that is the case since we are off to buy the cape to complete the costume. Thanks to Hotel Transylvania for inspiring the costume this year. 

If you child is stuck for what to be for Halloween why not check out Netflix for some inspiration to help get their creative juices flowing. 

Remember to be safe this Halloween and take proper care to examine the candy before it is consumed and only trick or treat in well lit places. 

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